Crodra is a fictional character in the NeuSkyVon universe who is the older, foster brother of Reptile. He is the main adversary of Reptile. Crodra is also the foster brother of Molly. Crodra is portrayed by Larry Hinson III, the same actor who plays Reptile. Crodra made his live-action debut as a cameo in the post-credit scene of That's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Reptile in the second episode of the second season.


Crodra has an even more short temper compared to Reptile. Crodra is known for being extremely jealous, bitter, and sometimes homicidal. When Reptile first came to the family, Crodra didn't like how his parents paid more attention to Reptile and not himself. Crodra is known for doing bad things behind his parents back so they won't notice anything suspicious about him.



Crodra as he appears in the post-credit scene of That's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Reptile before he revealed his identity.

The background of Crodra is unknown. Even though he was briefly mentioned in Reptile, no one knows much about him except for the fact that he is a very cruel brother. His current status is alive. However, his location is unknown and he keeps his information confidential. It's also said that Crodra knows how to cover up his crimes better than the Violent Ducks.