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The NeuSkyVon Cinematic Universe is a shared joint venture film universe by Neutron Films, Sky Pictures, and Lavon Pictures. It also has TV shows that are set in the same continuity as the movies. It currently has only one film released which is Reptile. This universe currently has nine future films. The upcoming movie is Ace Jayson: Internet Spy.

On September 4th, 2017, Max Andrew made a deal with Larry Hinson III for Max Andrew Distribution (including it's home entertainment division) to distribute NeuSkyVon's films in the UK, including Reptile VS Crodra and Ace Jayson: Internet Spy. Max Andrew Distribution already distributed a home video release of Reptile on DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray in the UK.


Before NeuSkyVon was made, Reptile was originally owned by Lavon Pictures after Neutron Films sold the distribution rights. Reptile was once part of a now-defunct cinematic universe called Planet Lavon. Sky Pictures Television managed to get the rights to produce a TV cut for Reptile which aired on March 31, 2017. Lavon and Sky would then cause drama and tension between them which lead to Larry managing to revert the rights back to Neutron because of the dispute. However after an agreement, all three parties decided to create a cinematic universe shared by all three of their companies combining of their character to appear in the same universe, thus NeuSkyVon was created.


Phase 1
Name Date Distributed by Status
Reptile February 3, 2017 Lavon Pictures Released
Ace Jayson: Internet Spy June 9th, 2018 Sky Pictures

Neutron Films

Reptile VS Crodra TBA Lavon Pictures

Neutron Films

Untitled Larry film TBA Neutron Films

Sky Pictures

Untitled Lavon Logo Bloopers Film TBA Lavon Pictures Planned
Untitled Reptile third film TBA Lavon Pictures

Neutron Films

Phase 2 Date Distributed by Status
Untitled Violent Ducks Film TBA Lavon Pictures

Neutron Films

The Madness of Violence TBA Lavon Pictures Planned
The 404 Team TBA Sky Pictures

Neutron Films

The Big 5 TBA Lavon Pictures

Neutron Films

Television Shows Air Date Distributed by Status
Judge Reptile November 2013 (including an unaired pilot) Lavon Television Ongoing
That’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Reptile September 13th, 2013 Lavon Television Ongoing
Joe Chat TBA Sky Pictures Television Distribution

Lavon Television

Lavon Logo Bloopers TBA Lavon Television Pre-production

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