Reptile's Parents are Reptile's, Crodra's, and Molly's parents and minor characters in the Planet Lavon universe. Both of them were born in 1969 and met each in 1981. They began dating in 1985 and then got married in 1994. They had their first child which was Crodra who was born in 1998, and had their second child Molly in 2000. In 1999, Reptile was born along with Larry with both of them being separated from each other after Larry mother didn't like how Reptile's had a goblin look. He was sent to a foster home which happens to be the family house of Reptile's foster parents. They notice his goblin look but later thought it looked neat on him. During the first five years of Crodra's life, he would always get attention from the parent until Reptile began to slowly gain their attention. This is what caused Crodra to be extremely jealous. As of 2017, their status is unknown.