Reptile V Crodra is the second film in the NeuTriVon film universe and is a direct sequel to Reptile. Larry Hinson III reprises his role as Reptile and portrays the main antagonist, Crodra, the foster brother of Reptile. He also portrays a new character named Joe Jackson, who's a comedian and tech expert. The film was announced late July of 2017. Filming began on April 1, 2018. The film was released on July 6, 2018.


The film takes place nine months after the events of Reptile. Reptile is back again to review shitty games. However, he has unfinished business with a sibling, an abusive one at that. His name is Crodra. He plans on seeking revenge on Reptile for "stealing" his family away from him. Reptile must fight back. With the help of a comedian who majored in computer technology, the fate of the world wide web is in Reptile's hands.