Sky Pictures is a American Distribution company founded in November of 2016.

It's main parent company is Sky Media and Lavon Media. The company is well known for creating The 404 Team, Ace Jayson: Internet Spy, and the PLB/CPLB Crossover, alongside Sky Studios. Sky Pictures is also well known for being one of the founding companies, alongside Lavon Studios, Lavon Pictures, Neutron Films, and the Shiz Oh Network, who together created the joint cinematic universe, The NeuSkyVon Cinematic Universe, host to Reptile, Ace Jayson, Kaylah Lavon, and Redman/Crocodile among many others. The founding of Sky Pictures was actually considered controversial. Mainly because at first the founder, Shadow66 who at the time, was portraying very immature behavior, pretended to be a different person in order to retain Lavon and Larry's weaning trust. Once it was discovered he was pretending, Shadow66 was no longer friends with Lavon and Larry. Thus the company was shut down in December 2016, still having no films in it's library. In February 2017, a month after the split up of Shadow66 Communications Inc. and Metis Television Inc. and now once again friends with Larry and Lavon, the new CEO, Sky Storm decided to bring back Sky Pictures from the dead, and thus, it was re-established. It was initially under the tandem of Shadow66 Pictures and Shadow66 Communications Inc. until March 2017, when Lavon Media purchased Shadow66 Communications Inc. After that, Shadow66 Communications Inc. was turned into Sky Media Inc. After that, all of the Shadow66 Divisions, (Shadow66 Pictures, S66 TV, Shadow66 Television Studios, Shadow66 Home Entertainment, and Shadow66 Records) were merged into the Sky Divisions, (Sky Pictures, Sky TV, Sky Television Studios, Sky Pictures Home Entertainment, and Sky Records). Thus, that put the Shadow66 Name to rest. After that, a new logo was designed for the company, which retained the S66 Color scheme(Orange, Red, and Black). A 3D logo emerged from this design, which became the most popular 3D Logo of the company, and has been the image of Sky Media. There were many issues with Sky Media's Parent company, due to drama allegations, egotistical behavior, which led to rocky ownership by Lavon Media. It had several owners, Metis, and JohnKyle, and briefly went independent. But, in July 2017, was re-established as a Lavon Media company. When the NeuSkyVon universe was created, a new Sky Pictures Logo was unveiled, only for NeuSkyVon releases. The Purple and Red cloud, was a adoption of the short lived Metis Sky Communications, which lasted only 2 days. Thus, this darker version of the current logo, was a representation of the Dark Side of Sky Pictures, along side it's dark creepy music composed by Lavon Vonla. The existing Orange, Red, and Black cloud, was deemed for more light-hearted productions. In August of 2017, Sky Media was sold off from Lavon Media following multiple un-intended incidents involving Lavon. For a while, Sky Media was independent, regularly collaborating with 6R Entertainment, Stocking The Angel, and SillyHunterBoy. In early October 2017, Sky Media was up for sale, with the potential buyers being JacobH Holdings, Clever Entertainment, Stocking Holdings, and 6R Entertainment. Max Andrew, CEO Of Clever Entertainment purchased Sky Media on October 10th, 2017. Following this, Clever Entertainment began reshaping Sky Media, including redesigns of the Sky Cloud, using the Century Gothic Bold font, Sky Studios getting the production rights of Logo Intro Bloopers, with distribution rights still with Clever, and a new UK Network, named Jetstream, which broadcasts Sky Media Programming. In November, a lot happened with Sky Media. New logos were created with new fanfares composed by Ado Brunache, maintaining the original style from March of 2017. In addition, following some drama, Stocking Holdings purchased 50% of Sky Media, getting half of film and a lot of television, leading to SkyX's upcoming launch on December 10th, 2017. In addition, Sky Pictures acquired film rights for JohnKyle's THX Logo Bloopers, NOVA Logo Bloopers, and A Stocking Angel movie, yet to be named, among other logo bloopers series. Sky Pictures acquired Metis Communications, Half of Star Pictures, and half of 8 Bit Enterprises. In addition, Sky Media re branded to the more highly recognized, Sky Entertainment Inc. Sky Television, managed by Sky Pictures acquired TV Series rights for the new SkyX network, and a new network, Sky Pictures Showcase Theater will launch as a 24-Hour movie/TV network of Sky Pictures. Sky Pictures, starting on November 30th, 2017, will come up with new ideas for new characters and their films in NeuSkyVon. Also, on November 30th, 2017, A new brand was established for NeuSkyVon, called NSV Comics. It consisted of Neutron Comics, Sky Comics, and Lavon Comics, with comics being made by darkvice, featuring the familiar characters of Ace Jayson, Reptile, Crodra, Michael Davidson, and Kaylah Lavon. These comics will be introduced as prequel one shot web comics, that will preface the films. Fans will be heavily encouraged to read the comics, for a deeper story and for more adventures and characters, before watching the films. In December, Sky Pictures will release new logos with new animation, and new music, as well as a new cloud.