Reptile monologuing over Larry's body


Larry's dead body

The Death of Larry is a pivotal moment in the movie Reptile in which Larry gets shot to death by Reptile. When Reptile visited Rickey (Larry's alter ego), Rickey revealed himself as Larry. Reptile, who is understandably shocked, feels so betrayed by Larry and convinces him NOT to do anything he will regret. Larry took it to the extreme and shot Reptile in the shoulder. Larry goes on by stating that the purpose of Shih Oh Network was to help him get over with the YouTube audience. However, when Reptile films his show on the channel, it gets more views and overall popularity than Larry. This makes Larry feel vengeful and jealous that the only way he can get revenge on Reptile for stealing his fans is to kill him. However, Reptile pulls out his gun out of nowhere and shoots Larry in the neck which instantly kills him.