The Power Outage Attacks of 2000 was an incident in Washington D.C that took place on May 11, 2000. The incident involved the Violent Ducks raiding the White House after hiring a sniper to kill any security guard that ran out the building after the Violent Ducks cut the power using EMP and threw gas grenades inside the White House. During the incident, the Violent Ducks managed to turn off all surveillance cameras after spotting a government computer. While hacking it, they discovered private information about President Bill Clinton and stole his information. During this time, the unknown sniper shot 13 security guards who ran out of the building in order to protect the president. Eight security guards were murdered while five others were injured. The group would then escapes quickly back to Delaware. Following a three year investigation and man hunt, the group was finally captured and imprisoned for their crimes. The FBI stated that the reason they had a hard time finding them was because they relocated and some of the original members of the Violent Ducks committed suicide, including Jason (the original founding member).