The Rickey Kaleb Confrontation was a moment in the film Reptile where Reptile meets Rickey Kaleb. This is considered the most important scene in the movie. Reptile discovered that the Shih Oh Network seems to be in good shape however, the hackers struck again with the text reading “FUCK YOU REPTILE! WE HACKED AGAIN!” Reptile desperately tries to find a way to keep Larry from finding out but then Rickey video calls Reptile via TV. At first, Reptile didn't know who he was until Rickey revealed that it was him hacking Shih Oh Network and that he’s the leader of the Violent Ducks. Reptile attempts to fight back at Rickey but then Rickey went through Reptile's history. He points out how he is a huge Crodra supporter and pointed out every bad thing Crodra ever did to Reptile. Rickey demands Reptile to give him Shih Oh Network and he promises not the leak Reptile’s family/personal history. If Reptile doesn't hand SON over, Rickey would expose Reptile to the best of his ability. 


Rickey on the TV


Reptile crying