The second time they hacked

The Shiz Oh Network Hacking is a three month incident in which the Violent Ducks hacked Shiz Oh Network twice. The man behind this is Rickey F. Kaleb (the alter ego of Larry). He would tell the group how a man named Reptile stole his popularity and wants to take over Shiz Oh Network by force. He states the reason he never forced Reptile physically is because he is aware of how homicidal he is when triggered. The Violent Ducks accepted him and became the new leader of the Violent Ducks. From 2014 to 2016, they would hack a lot YouTube accounts and delete them permanently. Then on October 30, 2016, they would hack Shiz Oh Network while Reptile was filming his review of Perfect Weapon at the time. Three months later on January 15th, 2017, they would hack Shiz Oh Network again which lead to Rickey calling Reptile personally. Rickey would threaten Reptile by stating that if he doesn't get 100% complete control of Shiz Oh Network, he would leak Reptile's private information.